Dirty Faction


- Music Connection Hot 100 Artists of 2017

A new wave of innovation, Dirty Faction blend EDM and heavy rock into a new, melodic fashion with catchy hooks without compromising intensity behind the music and lead the next generation of musicians to come. The band has been described as a mix of bands such as Metallica and Avenged Sevenfold with a strong electronic presence with sounds similar to deadmau5, Eric Prydz and Above & Beyond. The trio is formed of Roman on vocals, Lapush on guitar and Doug on drums. Dirty Faction’s philosophy is to bring people from all backgrounds together through the energy of the music and inspire the people brought together through the live experience Dirty Faction invite everyone to be a part of. 

Growing up in Brazil, Doug’s experiences provide the high octane energy and passion in the beat and core of Dirty Faction’s experience and has developed a unique style boasting plenty of cymbal chokes adding to the percussive style of the rhythm section. Born in Moscow, Roman comes from a classical and dance background which has influenced his strong and dynamic vocals. Roman’s charisma and showmanship leads the delivery of the boys’ live experience. Lapush brings in the electronic influence from his time running nightclubs in London, UK after immigrating from Central Asia via Israel. Raised on 80s rock bands, he discovered a way to blend his rapid exposure of EDM to his roots and envision the experience that is Dirty Faction. 

The three members, from totally diverse backgrounds met in Los Angeles, CA in late 2016 and found themselves in sync from the start from their work ethic, to their music to the future they all see together. Dirty Faction want to blend the rock and EDM communities together to create a new culture that will accept everyone and anyone. This ideology came to the band when they realized that rock shows display more of a closed group whereas EDM shows had no social barriers; explaining the band’s mission and philosophy.